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Controlled by Robert Krakoff, Blantyre will identify and evaluate investments and then manage and support companies in the business-to-business communications area.
Krakoff is a past Chairman and a past Director of the Association of American Business Media (ABM), and the 2002 recipient of the ABM's McAllister Top Management Fellowship award for career leadership in business-to-business media.
Hubspan provides managed services for cost-effective, scalable business-to-business integration through the Hubspan Business Network.
Hubspan offers managed services through HBN to companies who need rapid, cost-effective business-to-business integration.
The company was named agency of the year in 2003 by the Business Marketing Association and recognized as one of the top two business-to-business agencies of its size in the country by Crain Communications' BtoB magazine in 2004.
Through a single connection to Hubspan's business-to-business integration network, Amherst gains a comprehensive solution addressing every aspect of trading partner integration.
This award recognizes Revonet's successful track record for delivering actionable market intelligence and high quality business-to-business sales leads for a world class business partner like Verizon," said Scott Howard, Founder and Chairman of Revonet.
ISO 9000 has become an international reference for quality requirements in business-to-business dealings.
At a time when many businesses are scaling back on online investments, Cygnus Business Media, a leading diversified business-to-business media company, is breaking away from the pack by expanding its online initiatives.
Google, developer of the largest performance-based search advertising program, today announced it has advanced to third place in the Media Power 50, an annual review of the most powerful and targeted business-to-business advertising outlets published by BtoB, a leading national marketing publication.
Mello joins the company with 20 years experience as a business-to-business journalist, editor, and media consultant and has held the position of Editor in Chief positions at Macworld, Upside, and Line56.

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