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Efficiency Ratio

In banking, a ratio of expenses to revenue. For example, if a bank spends $10 million and makes $15 million in a given month, its efficiency ratio is .67. Banks desire a lower efficiency ratio because this means that the bank is making considerably more than it is spending and is therefore on sound fiscal footing. One way to conceptualize the efficiency ratio is to say it is the measure of what a bank must spend in order to make one dollar. In the above example, the bank must spend 67 cents.
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efficiency ratio

The ratio of leasable space to gross space in a building.When planning a building, it is important to balance the need to maximize the efficiency ratio in order to lease the maximum amount of space possible,against the aesthetic need to have wide corridors and open spaces.

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The USA remains at the top of the overall ranking as a result of its strong business efficiency and financial sector, its innovation drive and the effectiveness of its infrastructure.
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subsidiary of Japan's Isuzu Motors Ltd., said the move would help the automaker to lower marketing costs and improve business efficiency.
The USA remains at the top of the overall global ranking as a result of its strong business efficiency and financial sector, its innovation drive and the effectiveness of its infrastructure.
Technology solutions provider HP (NYSE:HPQ) announced yesterday that Knight Frank LLP, a global property agency and consultancy, has deployed HP Converged Infrastructure to improve business efficiency, reduce IT costs and improve its carbon footprint.
IT company IBM announced on Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement with Australian airline Qantas to provide project delivery functions as part of Qantas' improved business efficiency goals.
UFJ Holdings Inc., one of Japan's four major banking groups, will split its trust banking group firm into two entities next summer to increase the group's overall business efficiency, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Wednesday.
PLANS to improve business efficiency and success in the red meat industry have been given a boost with the announcement of a pounds 1.5m grant.

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