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The Spanish business directory is known as one of the most powerful and cost effective tools for promoting a small business online to the global market, allowing even the smallest business to afford online promotion.
As part of the search engine marketing an Online Business Directory can help a beginner entrepreneur fight the competition at a good rate.
To find out more about Casino City's iGaming Business Directory, visit www.
The Gaming Business Directory CD contains mail-merge templates, import instructions, and electronic data files.
Kennaley also said, "This Algerian Business Directory will also provide YLM with Ongoing Annual License Fees and Support Contracts, in addition to sharing revenues earned by the joint venture company through sales of enhanced listings and voice access services.
Each business directory also contains seven geographic indicators that provide sales and marketing professionals, small businesses, and job hunters with the ability to target market.
com Newswire also offers business directory listings for PR firms, marketing firms and other businesses to promote their products and services.
The Pearl-River Delta Business Directory (PRDBD) is the most comprehensive directory covering all top Chinese and Foreign companies with offices in the Pearl-River Delta.
With 500 pages, the new edition of Casino City's iGaming Business Directory is by far the most comprehensive publication available covering today's iGaming industry.
Michael Corfman, President and CEO of Casino City Press and Executive Director of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association, stated that every section of the 2009-2010 iGaming Business Directory has been completely revised from the previous edition.
To find out more about the Online Gaming Business Directory, visit http://www.

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