business day

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Business day

A day in which financial markets are open for trading.

Business Day

A time during which securities markets and most retailers and other shops are open. In much of the world, every day is a business day except for Saturday and Sunday. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. For example, in Bahrain, Sunday is a business day while Friday is not.

business day

A day on which the securities markets are open.

business day

A standard day for conducting business,excluding government holidays and weekends.Various notices required in real estate contracts, leases, or other agreements may have deadlines based on the passage of a certain number of days,or of business days.To count days,you start with the day after the triggering event,and count that as day 1.

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In a single year of sweating and breathless activity,65,000 new telephones were put on desks or hung on walls--an average of one new user for every two minutes of the business day.
In b-to-b marketing (especially events with a longer lead time), always tell them how many business days they have left because that's much more urgent than regular days.
That date can be no later than 15 business days after the end of the month in which the participant contributions are withheld or received by the employer.
The final rule requires financial institutions to provisionally credit an account within 10 business days (rather than 20) and leaves in place the 90 calendar day period to complete the investigation of an alleged error.
16GB - $399 - Shipping in 1-3 business days 32GB - $499 - Shipping in 1-3 business days 64GB - $599 - Shipping in 5-10 business days 128GB - $699 - Shipping in 5-10 business days
Levies: The CAP can be used before or after a levy is made, before or after a seizure and, as with liens, can be used by nominees and third parties holding taxpayer property (however, for a seizure, the appeal must be made within 10 business days after the Notice of Seizure is given to the taxpayer).
non-permanent surface), 10 business days (permanent surface)
The difference depends on whether the two business days encompass a weekend.
No one under 18 years old or students will be admitted to TOKYO GAME SHOW 2010 on the Business Days.
However, to avoid the imposition of penalties for noncompliance, the organization must submit a detailed letter to the INS within 10 business days of denying a request.
If notice is provided within two business days of learning of the loss, the consumer's liability is limited to $50.
On Johnson's withdrawal, ABC must disclose within five business days the following information in a form 8-K, filed with the SEC, with a copy to Johnson on the same day:

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