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In Nonlinear time series analysis of business cycles, edited by Costas Milas, Philip Rothman, and Dick Van Dijik.
As suggested above, expected employment and shipments six months ahead have the least to do with business cycles.
The reason for the small cost of business cycles above is that interest rates are not particularly volatile over the cycle, nor are unemployment spells in the U.
A business-cycle theory does not need to explain all business cycles to be valid or useful.
I find that the welfare gain from the elimination of business cycles is large, with a reasonably low risk aversion coefficient.
For the mainstream, smoothing the business cycle is job one.
Review historic TSR performance to understand how business cycles may affect the pay-for-performance relationship.
Owen and Griffiths (2006) stated that business cycle analysis provided investors with a compass reading the whereabouts of the global markets.
Economic theory does not provide a unanimous prediction for the effects of capital flows on co-movements of business cycles.
The investment objective of DBIZ seeks long term-growth and capital appreciation across all economic and market cycles though a disciplined decision-making process that employs fundamental, technical and business cycle analysis.
The authors' regression analysis shows that employment and unemployment are more sensitive to the business cycle for the foreign born than for the native born.
This section is a useful exposition of the indicator approach to identifying growth and business cycles and its application to a particular industry.