business value

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Business Value

How much a business is worth. Business value is a highly subjective measure because it involves estimating the value of intangible assets like trade secrets and brand recognition. It adds to this the value of tangible assets like machinery and stockholder equity. Business value is especially important for potential investors or buyers.

business value

The intangible value of a business,over and above the value of the land,improvements, fixtures, receivables, and cash. Intangibles may consist of goodwill, franchise value, and proprietary systems and procedures.

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A love like mine could not be concealed from a woman like you," he went on, trying to detach his mind from material considerations such as the business value of the shop, and the amount of money Mr Verloc might have left in the bank.
Investments that don't support imperatives have low relative business values and can probably be eliminated with little or no downside effect.
By basing these imperatives on strategic directions and expressing them as actions the organization must take to achieve these objectives, management is better able to engineer business processes and to set priorities by establishing the relative business value of investments.
To determine the relative business value of an investment, you must first view your company from the broadest possible perspective.
Even though this case study has been simplified for presentation here, you can see that the investments dealing with quality, safety, and environmental issues have the greatest relative business value.
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