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Business Value

How much a business is worth. Business value is a highly subjective measure because it involves estimating the value of intangible assets like trade secrets and brand recognition. It adds to this the value of tangible assets like machinery and stockholder equity. Business value is especially important for potential investors or buyers.
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business value

The intangible value of a business,over and above the value of the land,improvements, fixtures, receivables, and cash. Intangibles may consist of goodwill, franchise value, and proprietary systems and procedures.

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"A love like mine could not be concealed from a woman like you," he went on, trying to detach his mind from material considerations such as the business value of the shop, and the amount of money Mr Verloc might have left in the bank.
To realise true business values of AI, it's absolutely critical to identify professionals who have deep business skills, data engineering skills and AI skills to lead any AI project or initiatives.
The merger between TeamQuest and PureShare will offer an integrated solution that enables users to improve their infrastructure abilities according to the business values of each solution.
They will cover a whole range of topics from developing new sales channels and attracting new customers to business values, customer loyalty and stock management.
Next, methods for calculating business values, in monetary terms, for building physical assets are described.
In Turkey and Asia, new business values increased by 67% and 29%, respectively.
Instead, security should be a holistic and proactive factor helping customers achieve their business values.
In consumer services business values and volumes fell slightly, but at much slower rates than in the previous three quarters.
Looking forward to the next three months firms in consumer services expect business values to stabilise and volumes to decline marginally and in business and professional services they are expected to rise, with more firms expecting rises than at any other point since November 2007.
Merz presents A Declaration of American Business Values: Ethics, Equity & Efficiency in the New Millennium, a compendium of solid business advice based on a scrutiny of the connection between the historical roots of American Democracy and the world of commerce.
However, the two companies have issued a comment that they are constantly exploring ways to improve their business values but have not engaged in any concrete discussions.
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