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We were surprised at the high percentage of completed responses that we received in response to our business reply cards that were supplied with our public awareness package mailings.
Participants also receive a custom rack to provide pharmacy customers with easy access to health-related brochures, coupons, business reply cards and other promotional and educational materials.
These joint brochures will include bounce-back business reply cards to measure the effectiveness of the program.
MESSAGE: The 2003 Potato Calendar reinforced brand and portfolio awareness throughout the year, as well as captured agronomic and demographic information through a series of four business reply cards. It also drove traffic to the FarmAssist Web site for agronomic information.
Also ask your post office to approve mailers and business reply cards (BRCs) before sending your pieces out.
The program also targets consumers through a tailored brochure rack, containing such take-away items as coupons, business reply cards and samples.
call centers, business reply cards and direct response).
1) Have the return postage prepaid on your Business Reply Cards. Prepaid postage on BRCs have been proven to generate higher response rates than non-paid cards;
Typically, cards are designed as either business reply cards or with phone and fax information for the order These cards most likely will be flipped through, so keep the headline powerful and graphics simple.
Interestingly, more of the ads have bind-in Business Reply Cards than coupons; a BRC can increase response by as much as 600 percent.
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