business interruption insurance

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Business Interruption Insurance

An insurance policy that provides coverage in case some event causes a business to relocate or temporarily close. For example, if an office floods and becomes unusable, business interruption insurance will replace the profits the company would have made during the time it is closed and also will cover its operating expenses. It is also called business income coverage.

business interruption insurance

Insurance that provides benefits if business is interrupted while repairs are conducted after an insurable loss.
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Because the business interruption policy covers unrealized profit and continuing expenses, proceeds from recovery under the policy contribute to taxable income and are taxed at that rate.
8 million of recoveries under our business interruption policy and $15.
Think your traditional business interruption policy covers your Internet venture?
Depending on the wording in your current business interruption policy, the answer could be no.
It is possible that advances under a business interruption policy, or even a property insurance program, are available.
8 million of recoveries is allocated to recoveries under our business interruption policy.
Insurance requirements include property damage, liability, and a business interruption policy equal to at least basic rent.
The business interruption policy, which has an aggregate limit of approximately $21 million, provides for recovery of lost revenues (net of saved expenses) and additional expenditures incurred to restore operations or minimize the period and total cost of disruption to operations.

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