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Angel Investor

A high net worth individual who provides financing to a start-up, either in exchange for convertible debt or equity. Among start-ups, they are thought of as a bridge between loans from family and friends and venture capital, though angel investors are themselves often personally connected to the business. Angel investors take on a great deal of risk when they invest in these start-ups; they are also subject to dilution at the start-up's IPO. Therefore, they usually require a high rate of return in exchange for their financing. They are informally known as angels or informal investors.
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angel investor

A wealthy investor who provides capital for new business ventures.
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Minerva Business Angels wants to redress the balance by attracting successful entrepreneurs to the new Nottingham network of 'business angels with insight.'
The first will see the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland work with the Innovation SuperNetwork, North Invest and the UK Business Angels Association to encourage investment in innovative early stage companies.
Among the companies to recently benefit from business angel funding are innovative hair care product company We Are Paradoxx, sports facility booking firm Pitchbooking and cyber-security software specialist firm Uleska.
The Seeders Masterclass for Business Angels was launched in 2016 by IM Capital in an effort to attract and educate individuals to invest in Lebanese startups.
The focus of Welsh angel activity has previously been managed through the xenos, the Wales Business Angel Network.
The development bank estimates that business angels co-invested more than [pounds sterling]4 million alongside them during 2017/18.
Local partners - especially active business angels, syndicates and networks - will be aware of the prevailing business environment and can help oversee the structuring, management, diligence as well as the closing of investment deals.
The easiest thing one can do in Macedonia is to improve the activities of the business angels through tax alleviations for their investments," Andres stressed.
Such connections will not only assist our start-ups, but will benefit by gaining experience and knowledge sharing from Business Angel groups around the world, and the US is certainly a good starting point."
"Learning first-hand about business angel networks in the US will ensure that Tenmou's current and prospective entrepreneurs receive the best experience possible," the company's chief executive Hasan Haider said.
Tenmou, Bahrain's first business angel, said it is connecting with leading international entrepreneurial communities for the benefit of Bahraini start-ups.

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