Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

A research agency of the U.S. Department of Labor; it compiles statistics on hours of work, average hourly earnings, employment and unemployment, consumer prices and many other variables.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

A bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor responsible for the collection and publication of statistics on the state of the American economy. It publishes various statistics on employment and unemployment and is responsible for compiling the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation. To avoid the appearance of partiality toward the policies of one political party or the other, it schedules the publications of its statistics more than a year in advance.
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a large-scale payroll survey that gathers detailed information by profession, but this survey lacks information on the characteristics of employees, such as years of experience or educational qualifications.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Division of Consumer Prices and Price Indexes: www.
We're very pleased to continue of our relationship with the Bureau of Labor Statistics," said Gene Ray, Titan's chairman, president and CEO.
Categories of violent workplace actions included in Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are: hitting/kicking/beating; biting; threat/verbal assault; squeezing/pinching/scratching/twisting; shooting; stabbing and other (BLS, 1996).
1991 data was not published for this category because data received by the Bureau of Labor Statistics did not meet its statistical requirements.
The article can be found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site at http://www.
Business owners, recorded as incorporated self-employed, are legally considered employees of their own businesses and are accounted for in the Bureau of Labor Statistics data beginning in the year 2000.
To learn more about the economic data the Bureau of Labor Statistics produces, visit: .
The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which formulates the index, takes into account that every individual's inflation rate is different because of their consumption patterns, when weighting the components of the index.
The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show a level of female participation in the workforce at about 60% and male participation at about 74% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2001).
Just because a company says they're laying off, it doesn't mean that 10,000 people will be losing their jobs,'' said Patrick Carey, economist from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Department of Labor; in 1940 the Occupational Outlook Service was established in the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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