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The old bur oak's leaves are now large and leathery, the green acorns nearly the size of golf balls.
The champion bur oak is a living connection to the now lost and mostly forgotten Bluegrass Plain savanna, a relic plant community produced by the last ice age and maintained by browsing deer and elk and the thundering hooves of great bison herds.
Bur Bur and Friends[TM] books and other products inspire kids to cultivate their talents through sports and creative play.
Last year we almost lost one of our other big bur oaks to construction, but I nominated it for the Nashville Tree Foundation's annual Big Old Tree contest, and it won
The scope of a BUR is to provide an update to the latest National Communication submitted by the country to the UNFCCC.
Almost round, they have a bur or mosslike fringed cap that covers at least half the nut--sort of an acorn with a bad hair day.
A mature bur oak might produce 5,000 acorns in a year with this heavy production every three to five years.
In this regard, BURS annually located a significant proportion of its budget to training.
Mr Morris noted that the investment in training complemented by other tax administration reforms that BURS had embarked on had resulted in success for the revenue services.