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amp;nbsp;Burns found Umphenour's bumper stickers to be "stupid," according to court documents obtained by (https://www.
So here are my bumper stickers for discriminating trout bums like me.
An increasing number of youth in the kingdom modify their cars by painting them or putting bumper stickers.
It's reached a point where there have been at least two separate efforts by Obama supporters in the Granite State to raise money to buy lawn signs, bumper stickers and other paraphernalia to address the demand.
I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, "WHAT IF THEY'RE RIGHT?
He had apparently spray-painted an expletive over the pro-Bush bumper stickers.
I usually don't like bumper stickers," Labun told NRL News, "but I felt that I should put this one on.
The four-page letter, which traces the history of Falwell's involvement with the Religious Right, comes accompanied by two "I Vote Christian" bumper stickers advertising a new Falwell Web site, www.
I'm looking for the 10 best bumper stickers I can find.
When a new crowd of gays descended in the '80s, a backlash saw bumper stickers screaming, KEEP REHOBOTH A FAMILY TOWN
Other bugbears included those who did not wave their thanks when allowed to pull in front of another driver in a queue, played loud music in their cars, constant lane-shifters, backseat drivers, tailgaters, and bumper stickers.
This year's huge crop of campaign bumper stickers resurrects the nagging quadrennial question: What do people hope to accomplish with these automotive gestures?