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"In Michigan, there are 19 species of bumble bees and around 445 species of other bees," said Wood, who led the study in the lab of Rufus Isaacs, MSU entomologist.
1B), and a moderately positive relationship for bumble bees (df = 1, X2 = 32.13, p< 0.001; marginal R2 = 0.45, conditional R2 = 0.54; Fig.
The optimal sugar concentration in nectar for bumble bees is between 50 and 65% for sucrose alone [42], but many factors may affect imbibition for different bee species, such as ambient pressure [43].
I have echiums in my garden, which can have a dozen bumble bees working away on each spike at any one time!
Franklin (1913) provided one of the earliest accounts of bumble bees in Texas and listed the following seven species and subgenera for the state, B.(Bombias) auricomus, B.(Thoracobombus) fervidus, B.(Cullumanobombus) fraternus, B.(Cullumanobombus) griseocollis, B.(Thoracobombus) pensylvanicus, B.(Thoracobombus) sonorus, and B.(Psithyrus) variabilis.
From his post in the Pollinating Insects Biology, Management, and Systematics Research Unit in Logan, Utah, Strange is studying various bumble bee species that could serve as the next generation of proficient commercial pollinators.
Despite this there remains deep concern that the overall number of bumble bees continues to fall, and the effects of this on pollination of wild and cultivated plants.
So a detailed study into the lifecycle of the bumble bee was commissioned as a starting point to solving the quandary.
Most of the bumble bees that we see on flowers are female workers from colonies that developed from a single queen.
The bumble bees' plummeting population has worried Durham Wildlife Trust, which has blamed their decline on the destruction of wild flowers and meadows, which the bees use for food.
Bumble bees get up earlier (sometimes before dawn) and stay up later than honey bees.
The scientists then permitted all the plants to be visited by free-ranging bumble bees.