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(15) Bull notes that individuals, "in Hobbes' account, are driven to escape from the state of nature by submitting to a sovereign power that will hold them in awe [...
In his The Anarchical Society, Bull devotes a chapter to international law as an institution which contributes to international order; wherein he takes issue with John Austin that a essential element of law is "the product of sanctions, force or coercion," and that without an overarching sovereign one cannot truly speak about international law but merely "positive international morality." Bull notes that those that reject this approach consider the issue from two perspective, first, those such as Hans Kelsen, who, while accepting that no Leviathan exists over the international system, claim that international law remains grounded in coercion; and second, those, like H.L.A.
"These 'housekeeping genes,'" Bull notes, "are essential to the survival of all known bacteria.
Bull notes that the study relied on self-reporting, and condom use may have been over-reported.
As Bull notes, artists as well as patrons were intrigued by painted recreations of literary descriptions of ancient works of art because they established the credentials of both as admirers and rivals of their counterparts in antiquity.
Most scientists, as Bull notes in the October 1994 Evolution, see virulence as an adaptation to increase a parasite's success, just as thick coats or stout bodies help arctic animals.