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Bulk Sale

The sale of a large number of real estate properties at the same time as if they were one unit. The properties are not connected and usually have nothing in common except that they are sold in the same transaction. Bulk sales developed as a way to divest oneself of a real estate investment.
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bulk sale

Transfer of all or substantially all the assets of a business. Some states have bulk sales laws requiring notice to creditors before any such sales,so that a debtor may not liquidate all assets, pocket the money,and leave creditors holding the bag.

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The bulk sales are expected to result in fourth quarter 2012 pre-tax charges of approximately USD11.5m.
First, the retailer exclusion does not apply in cases of bulk sales of oil or natural gas, which are defined as "sales in very large quantities," to a commercial or industrial user (Regs.
While Moodys expects Renhe's sales in 2010 could meet its expectation, a significant portion was conducted by bulk sales in second half of 2010.
Bulk sales of Portlant composite (the largest item by weight) were down 21.4% to 709,960 tonnes, while sales of ordinary Portland were down 34.9% to 378,043.
Bulk sales remain few and far between, but Miami Beach saw its first bulk sale in September.
Frisol Beheer trades petroleum products for ships and bulk sales on the spot market for petroleum products and derivates.
"The government's emphasis on building flats on inner city sites means they are also handling much bigger schemes, which need bulk sales to ensure a steady cashflow.
Proposals include printing names on tickets and asking for ID on the gate, stopping bulk sales, and ensuring refunds to discourage selling-on.
bottlers hope to use international trade agreements to halt Mexico's plan to prohibit bulk sales of tequila beginning in 2004.
The installation comes less than three years after the facility was commissioned and follows rapid growth in bulk sales of platinum-cured silicon tubing.
* Pools properties for bulk sales to attract investors
This so-called "angel list" includes losses arising out of "mark-to-market" and hedging transactions, bulk sales of inventory and the abandonment of depreciable property.