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Bulk Sale

The sale of a large number of real estate properties at the same time as if they were one unit. The properties are not connected and usually have nothing in common except that they are sold in the same transaction. Bulk sales developed as a way to divest oneself of a real estate investment.

bulk sale

Transfer of all or substantially all the assets of a business. Some states have bulk sales laws requiring notice to creditors before any such sales,so that a debtor may not liquidate all assets, pocket the money,and leave creditors holding the bag.

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Many tax professionals who consult on transactions involving the sale of a New York business operation often overlook the state's bulk sale notification requirements, which could represent a trap for the unwary.
The bulk sales are expected to result in fourth quarter 2012 pre-tax charges of approximately USD11.
First, the retailer exclusion does not apply in cases of bulk sales of oil or natural gas, which are defined as "sales in very large quantities," to a commercial or industrial user (Regs.
While Moodys expects Renhe's sales in 2010 could meet its expectation, a significant portion was conducted by bulk sales in second half of 2010.
B) New ABC rules that now permit bulk sales and steeply discounted subscriptions to be counted as top-line paid circulation.
will halt bulk sales of synthetic vitamin E products to food manufacturers, said the parent company.
Prior to 1990, Article 6 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was the uniform state law that regulated bulk sales.
Available in either single subscription or in bulk sales, the monthly provides hospitals and physician practices with management tools, marketing strategies, and successful business practices.
Appraisers could not keep up, and appraisals did not seem propriate for bulk sales anyway.
Anton noted that bulk sales are "ramping up" as loans become due.