position building

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Position building

Buying shares to build up a long position or selling shares to create a short position in a particular security or group of securities.

Position Building

The practice of buying and short selling securities to create one or more open positions. Position building may occur constantly for traders while other investors may build a position then maintain it for a long period of time.

position building

The continual and gradual accumulation of a firm's shares for a long position or the borrowing and sale of the shares for a short position.
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Selling pressure in PAEL seems to have subsided and investors are again taking interest in building positions, brokers said.
Due to bearish signals from cement and exploration and production sectors, investors were seen building positions in large-cap commercial banks.
We advise investors to take advantage of the current weakness in value plays and recommend building positions,' the analyst added.
Citing catalysts for strong demand growth and mechanisms for controlling costs (particularly from exchange rate move analysts continue to advocate building positions in INDU.
Massive uncertainty over the risk of a devaluation of the pound is deterring many foreign investors from building positions.
If she really wants to show that she is building positions of firm principle on the shifting sands of international diplomacy?
We are seeing a lack of interest in building positions at current levels due to this uncertainty," Marwan Shurrab, fund manager and head of trading at Vision Investments & Holdings said.
The building positions near Munich Airport are with PCA (Preconditioned Air) - be retrofitted equipment.
Foreign investors were building positions for a month for this event with the expectation that on the day the inflows would push the market higher both in the UAE and Qatar," Ahmed Shehada, head of advisory and institutions at NBAD Securities, said by e-mail.
Funds are building positions in frontline stocks ahead of the exit polls.
Chief executive of Foster Wheeler, Kent Masters, said: "Both companies have strategies that are highly focused on growth, and our combination will help deliver on Foster Wheeler's key strategic objectives: establishing material positions in upstream and minerals and metals, building positions in growth geographies and extending our services offering.
Following the planning decision it was claimed the project will create 380 retail jobs, with a further 120 building positions created during construction.
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