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Building Permit

Permission by a local government to build a new construction or renovate an existing one. A building permit helps ensure that the construction will be safe and that it will comply with inspections (and therefore with the building code). It also helps raise revenue for the municipality, since building permits usually require a fee.

building permit

Written permission from local government to proceed with construction, substantial repair,demolition,or sign erection on real property.The permit process serves several purposes:

• Revenue generation through permitting fees
• Early identification of potential problems, such as the need for historical district approvals
• Entry of the project into a tracking system to ensure code compliance through periodic inspections
• Estimation of the anticipated cost of the project, in order to assist local government with analysis of building and development trends
• Initiation of steps that will ultimately ensure all subcontractors have business licenses and correctly report their income for the year

(Developers typically include contingencies in their purchase contracts to allow for difficulties in obtaining building permits. Especially with large projects, which require extensive plan review before issuance of a permit,the permitting process can take many months.)

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The post Building permits up 47% in 2017, Cystat says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The new strategy, set-up by Dubai's Committee for Building Permit Procedures Development, aims to enhance Dubai's prominent positioning as a city where the active building and construction sector plays an important role as key component of the economic development.
Dubai's Committee for Building Permit Procedures Development was formed earlier this year in order to leverage the level of customer satisfaction though providing high quality services in building permit requests, and insure speedy processing of building permitting procedures, and enhance Dubai's competitiveness in the related international reports.
While our residential building permits are down a bit from last year this is in line with the trend being seen across the province," said McDonald.
During the January--October period, a total of 4,160 building permits were issued compared to 4,180 in the corresponding period of the previous year.
As compared to the second quarter of 2013 the issued building permits for new residential buildings decreased by 2.
He said the municipalities had taken a series of measures aimed at facilitating investors' access to services, including electronic connectivity, delivery and receiving of building permits in digital form, as well as the application of quality systems and promoting investment surveys to gauge investors' satisfaction.
Both New York and New Jersey saw hikes in both single family building permits and foreclosure starts from a year ago.
The volume of residential buildings covered by granted building permits dropped by 15% to 785,000 cu m.
7 million in new taxable value to the rolls for properties and improvements that hadn't been reported through building permits, county Assessor Anette Spickard said.
Building permits for the third quarter were valued at $58.
DOUGLAS - Building permits are about to get more expensive.

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