building line

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Building Line

The closest a building (such as a house) may be to the demarcation dividing two real estate properties. A building line may ensure that houses abide by the fire code or may simply ensure that residents and businesses have some degree of privacy. Building lines are set by either the local government or, less commonly, a neighborhood association.

building line

A setback line; the closest a building may be allowed to come to the property boundary line.Building lines may be set by local government or by subdivision building restrictions.

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The Conflict over Building Lines: Eminent Domain and the Bureaucratic Solution
Wall planes extend beyond the building line, sheltering a small terrace and channelling visitors to the main entrance on the lower level.
The face of the building, glazed below and clad in a swath of silvery titanium above, is canted over the courtyard and broken at the upper level by projecting aluminum-clad cube, set squarely within the ellipse but aslant the building line (you register the asymmetry subliminally).
The building line extends the urban context seen along Konrad-Wolf-Avenue, which undergoes a traffic calming at the time between the Ernst Busch Place with Havel-Nuthe-Center at the beginning of (KWA 13), and a larger green area at the end ( KWA 63).
The roof plane extends beyond the building line to shade and protect the intermediate veranda spaces.
Tenders are invited for Re-alignment of damaged sanitary line BWSSB main line to existing manhole in TE building line and existing manhole in staff quarters and allied civil works at Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru.
Set askew the building line, the glowing plane of the wall turns right-angled to form the inner converging wall of a short corridor, compression seeming to shoot you into the great expanse of the kitchen.
The precise north-south orientation of the concrete core accords with the rationalist grid of the polytechnic campus, but the territory west of the tower follows the building line against the main road, which is skewed some 23.5 degrees anti-clockwise of east-west.
The task is split into the following components - Geodetic network: Maintaining and densify the geodetic just inside the city limits;- Update the attributes of surface and subsurface objects that are modified or new (new buildings and renovations) within the public domain of the client, the area between the building line and 20 m within the private sphere; update the attributes of the newly licensed aboveground constructions regardless of their distance from the building line; updating of specific or all objects within a command area.
The pattern of marker lights relates to an earlier building line, and where an early twentieth-century building intruded across what was formerly part of the square, stainless steel reflecting panels have been applied at ground level to make the grid appear to continue underneath the building, to show the ghost of the square that was.
The facade which faces the plass has been drawn back a little from the original building line to allow the building's symmetrical presence to be appreciated.
The 85 EC B 5i City Crane can be erected quickly and safely in just about every gap in the building line.
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