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A huge 13.67MB patch for the PC game No One Lives Forever is available at www.pc There are numerous bug fixes, bandwidth optimisations and the auto ammunition selection has been improved.
Perhaps they could contribute a few bug fixes to the source base while they're at it?
Enterprise Shaman is an intranet-based solution that increases software reliability by automating the tracking and distribution of critical software updates, including Y2K bug fixes, patches and free upgrades, to networked desktop computers across the corporate enterprise.
This "unit testing" approach pinpoints responsibility for bug fixes and performance, and it helps ensure that low-level code works properly before higher layers of functionality are added.
The update brings with it new features, bug fixes and some changes.
The new update comes with a bunch of new features and improvements, as well as bug fixes. 
Beta 3 essentially brings tons of bug fixes and improvements.
updates and bug fixes, then emails administrators to notify them.
The tech giant's corporate vice president in the operating systems group Joe Belfiore revealed in a series of tweets that Microsoft would not plan on new features or platform for the Windows 10 Mobile altogether; rather, the company is shifting its focus on bug fixes for current users, The Verge reported.
There are a number of other security patches and bug fixes within this version of the OS.
The update is designed to address improvements to the operating system, including updated security features and bug fixes.