buffer zone

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Buffer Zone

In political science, an area between two antagonists that is put in place so they do not attack each other. A famous example of a buffer zone is the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea. Occasionally, the buffer zone is a third country.
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buffer zone

(1) A transitional area between two areas of different zoning or characteristic land use.

(2) Green space or other open or natural areas providing privacy and noise pollution control for a subdivision.

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The height of the pure continuum region, the pure MD region, and the overlap region are 24[sigma], 12[sigma], and 8[sigma], respectively, and the combination of functional regions has 4 layers including the control region, the C [right arrow] A region, the buffer region, and the A [right arrow] C region.
Furthermore, we draw the conclusion that it is reasonable to set a buffer region located between the C [right arrow] A region and the A [right arrow] C region, which can effectively relax the data exchanging between the continuum region and the atomistic region, while the buffer region between the control region and the C [right arrow] A region could not be set so as to relieve the computational load.
Exponentiated parameter estimates for agricultural herbicides and long-term--use herbicides in carpet dust (ng/g) in relation to acres of crops anywhere within 750 m and within specific buffer regions from home (n = 111 samples for each model).
If there is one oversight, it is that Kaplan could have built much of his narrative around the concept of "shatter belts" Such zones represent a useful conception that is consistent with the notion of geographically pivotal states and buffer regions.
An absorbent body provided in the absorbent article has a main absorbent region, reinforcing regions and buffer regions. The bending stiffness of the reinforcing regions and the main absorbent region is larger than that of the buffer regions.