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Since he arrived at ASU-Newport, Adair said, he has developed a comprehensive master plan and a new zero-based budgeting model that has led to significant cost savings, including $500,000 the first year.
The desirable outcomes are at risk if too many other new civic initiatives compete with the introduction of the participatory budgeting process and if implementation of the process is not adequately supported by training and technical assistance for the city staff, according to the paper, which is billed as the first experimental evaluation of the participatory budgeting model.
Contrast this to the performance-based budgeting model, which ties funding to student outcomes.
Globally standardized, integrated Hyperion Planning & Budgeting Model which resulted in reducing the turnaround time & complexity of the budgeting process at HMC.
We present the Sustainability Budgeting Model (SBM) in the context of a department of nursing (DN) of a major hospital.
Unlike the traditional budgeting model, pegged to staffing needs for a given school's enrollment and teacher-student ratio, a weighted student formula tailors a specific funding level to each child--with extra "weighted" dollars for individual special needs.
A Marti Bailey points out, "My take on zero-based staffing is that it is a natural extension of zero-based budgeting (ZBB), a budgeting model developed in the 1970s.
For those public managers who haven't the time to digest yet another "business book," there is a superb overview article by the authors in the Winter 2003 issue of the California Management Review (CMR) entitled "New Ways of Setting Rewards: The Beyond Budgeting Model.
The nuances of operating a company, much like the nuances of reporting, make it difficult for the traditional budgeting model to be effective.
Offering a challenging environment is crucial to engaging and keeping the right people, but the budgeting model with its overarching bureaucracy, head-office memos and directives, and detailed rules and procedures, undermines such an environment.
33), Volvo Cars, IKEA, SKF, Borealis, Fokus Bank, and Boots have all abandoned the budgeting model in one form or another in recent years.
In summary, the NAVAIR decision and support budgeting model can provide the benefits described below: