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Regarding that aspect, we considered as dependent variable the growth rate of EU budgetary expenditure and as independent variables: budgetary deficit (as percentage of GDP) and unemployment rate of the EU countries.
The minister also said that Turkey's budgetary deficit for 2010 had been calculated as 4.
It targets the rising inflation and will help the government bridge its widening budgetary deficit.
Already, the budgetary deficit has crossed the five per cent mark and even the large bonanza expected from the 3G spectrum sale is unlikely to help him.
In Hajredini's view, these funds finance the budgetary deficit each year.
In addition, the economic instability of the island, the increase of the budgetary deficit and the strict loan policies that were imposed by the banks limit the local demand and hold back the housing market in Cyprus.
The bank said that India's flexible monetary policy would allow it to better manage its budgetary deficit.
However, the EC said that "although the Draft Budget mentions a series of supplementary measures that could be taken during the course of the year as a means to restrain the budgetary deficit in 2010 below 3 per cent, they are not accounted in the budget target.
New York, Nov 17 (ANI): A leading American thinktank has reportedly urged the Bush administration to stop unilateral air strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas, and advised it to instead focus on supporting its economy reeling under recession and budgetary deficit.
The world economy can no longer tolerate the budgetary deficit and the financial pressures occurring from markets here in the United States, and by the U.
The council has reduced the budgetary deficit from pounds 62m to pounds 37.
Jordan ended the year with a budgetary deficit of $320 million or 4.