Budget Constraint

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Budget Constraint

The goods and services an individual is able to purchase over a given period of time at his/her current income. A budget constraint may be represented on a chart according to the following equation:

Pxx + Pyy = m

Px is how much a good costs;

x is the quantity of that good one purchases;

Py is the price of all other goods and services;

y is the quantity of all other goods; and

m is the amount of money one has allocated for consumption.
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Louise Evans, from Grant Thornton, said: 'The team challenge gave a number of our employees the opportunity to use their time management, budgetary constraint and team working skills to support a vital community service.'
But the prime minister is coming under a fresh wave of criticism for his decision to loosen economic spending after two and a half years of tight budgetary constraint. Opponents charged Netanyahu with playing what they call "election economics" by trying to lure new voters with pre-election special interest spending.
The first chapter identifies legal and policy issues that cross traditional areas, focusing on six themes: (1) the mainstreaming of disability issues; (2) the rise of the technical assistance model; (3) evidence-based decision making; (4) cost-effectiveness; (5) intergovernmental coordination; and (6) budgetary constraint. The following chapters summarize findings and offer recommendations for the following areas: disability statistics and research; civil rights; education; health care; long-term services and supports; youth; employment; welfare reform; housing; transportation; assistive technology and telecommunications; international issues; and homeland security.
Manoj Kumar, who works as a manager at the library complained of the budgetary constraint, which was the main hindrance in the upkeep of this library.
During the 2020 national budget briefing of the DOH at the House of Representatives, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III told lawmakers the schedule of the nationwide rollout of UHC law in 2020 is affected by budgetary constraints and their own readiness.
'It is very unfortunate - and quite frankly, unacceptable - that the nationwide rollout of the Universal Health Care law may not happen next year due to budgetary constraints and the lack of readiness of the Department of Health,' he said in a statement.
He said the children's ward was being properly maintained despite budgetary constraints.
Assistant Minister of Ministry of Health and Wellness, Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe says government will consider speeding up the construction of Nata Hospital, which was deferred from 2018/19 and 2019/20 financial years due to budgetary constraints.
However, their impact is hardly felt for, among other reasons, legal, policy and budgetary constraints. class="MsoNormalOn their own, often, they are prone to perennial fights, unjustified trips and unreasonable demands on national and county governments.
He said: 'It is unfortunate that government is not in a position to offer any relief to the middle class that brought PTI to power, due to budgetary constraints. The country has been riddled numerous problems, including the huge debt burden left by previous governments.'
Due to the application process to get Arts Council support needing to be done this month, and budgetary constraints at Swansea Council, any decision on funding would not have been made until March.