budget line

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Budget Line

An item in a budget. For example, the amount of money a company expects to spend in manager salaries may be listed as a budget line.
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Fig. 19 Budget line. If a consumer has an income of £10 and the price of good X is 50 pence and the price of good Y is £1, he can buy 20 units of X or 10 units of Y, or some combination of both, for example 10 units of X and 5 units of Y The slope of the budget line measures the relative prices of the two goods.

budget line


consumption possibility line

a line showing the alternative combinations of goods that can be purchased by a consumer with a given income facing given prices. See also CONSUMER EQUILIBRIUM, REVEALED PREFERENCE THEORY, PRICE EFFECT.
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Kator Town block was the only administrative unit spending within its budget lines.
After a spike in May, annual gains in both major budget lines (revenues and spending) normalised to 8.
5 billion surplus in the 2011 EU budget to reinforce payments in budget lines relating to research and cohesion policy, where they foresee a shortfall later during the year.
Parliamentary wranglings over individual budget lines meant that the Statistical Service was unable to gather tourism data in March this year (with possibly serious consequences for the measurement of other statistics such as GDP).
Moreover, the group recommends ensuring that budget lines dedicated to financing e-health are responsive in order to adapt quickly to situations.
In addition, selectmen tapped a number of budget lines for a complete freeze that they say have not been used or have been used very little.
The Group's Chairman, Christian Kjaer, argues that "if the Commission is capable of creating specific budget lines for coal and nuclear power, it should also be able to do so in respect of renewables".
This presentation of our budget lines is exactly the same as in previous years and by now should be fully familiar to Assembly Members.
In April, the EFTA Working Group on Budgetary Matters has an informal exchange of views with the Commission regarding the preparation of the preliminary draft EEA bud-get and the inclusion of new budget lines sous reserve.
Additionally, agency budget lines change periodically.