budgetary control

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Budgetary Control

Any process a company or government puts in place to help ensure accuracy and honesty in its budget. Budgetary control may set goals for expected revenues or planned expenditures. It almost always includes a system to monitor compliance over time.

budgetary control

a system for controlling COSTS and REVENUES by comparing actual results with BUDGET estimates and then taking corrective action where necessary See COMPARISON STATEMENT.

Budgetary control involves two main stages:

  1. preparation of the budget prior to the start of the budget period, forecasting and planning activities for that future period;
  2. control by taking action based upon an evaluation of actual performance during the budget period in the light of the plans and standards developed in the budget.
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The Budget Control Act of 2011 (Public Law 112-25) was enacted to address federal debt and deficit issues, wherein the debt was in excess of $16 trillion, and was increasing by approximately $4 billion per day.
Table 6 shows the dichotomisation of the domestic subunits first by high and low reliance on budget control and then by high and low environmental dynamism.
5 billion reduction for each in fiscal year 2014 and a $9 billion reduction for each in fiscal year 2015, And the Budget Control Act totals for fiscal years 2016 through 2021 remain the same.
The automatic spending cuts in the Budget Control Act would impact other city services, according to Mr.
Congressional Budget Office, Estimated impact of automatic budget enforcement procedures specified in the Budget Control Act, September 12, 2011, Available at http://cbo.
The Budget Control Act requires that the estimated reduction in interest on the debt be subtracted before sequestration occurs.
As well as more budget control, 10,000 will be trained to become "nurse prescribers" - able to write out prescriptions for chronic illnesses such as asthma and minor ailments.
PMMM, available without charge for individuals, measures 55 indicators, from team definition to budget control, to provide an individual profile.
This model would include a management function for budget control, task coordination, linkage among institutions and their foundations, linkage with the technology strategy, and continuous improvement.
Only Euro-MPs on the parliament's budget control committee were allowed to see the report.
The guide is divided into three parts--forecasting, planning and budgeting--and covers topics such as what--if analysis, risk analysis, backward iteration and budget control.
That, not Proposition 13, handed budget control to Sacramento.