budgetary control

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Budgetary Control

Any process a company or government puts in place to help ensure accuracy and honesty in its budget. Budgetary control may set goals for expected revenues or planned expenditures. It almost always includes a system to monitor compliance over time.

budgetary control

a system for controlling COSTS and REVENUES by comparing actual results with BUDGET estimates and then taking corrective action where necessary See COMPARISON STATEMENT.

Budgetary control involves two main stages:

  1. preparation of the budget prior to the start of the budget period, forecasting and planning activities for that future period;
  2. control by taking action based upon an evaluation of actual performance during the budget period in the light of the plans and standards developed in the budget.
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Analysts noted that Democrats and others who oppose slashing non-defense funding, would be in a position to filibuster appropriations bills and block efforts to eliminate the Budget Control Act.
Another obstacle for Trump will be the Budget Control Act, the 2011 law limiting both domestic and defense spending.
certificate process, budget control across the modules and project-related
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This solution will bring efficiency and accuracy in budget control processes, synchronize the expenditure approval proposals with ERP, provide real time visibility to budget stakeholders as well as deliver automated reports.
The Budget Control Act of 2011 (Public Law 112-25) was enacted to address federal debt and deficit issues, wherein the debt was in excess of $16 trillion, and was increasing by approximately $4 billion per day.
As mandated by the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011, automatic, across-the-board cuts to federal discretionary spending began in January 2, 2013 because Congress and the President did not pass alternative legislation to reduce the federal deficit.
With SAS, CESCE can better trace costs to understand profitability for each line of business, improve budget control, and increase operational efficiency.
Almost 40 percent of Americans say they feel a negative impact from the sudden budget cuts resulting from the 2011 Budget Control Act signed by President Obama.
The outsourcing of product research and development has long been a topic of discussion; many understand the benefits such as speed to market, budget control and specialist expertise.
We saw the need for complete budget control, and are so happy to be able to offer this new product to our local road commissions,” remarked George Loescher, President of Cogitate.
replacing the Budget Control Act's (BCA's) automatic spending