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Buccal fat pad has four extensions buccal, pterygoid, superficial and deep temporal.
The buccal fat pad is an encapsulated, rounded, biconvex, specialised fatty tissue which is distinct from subcutaneous fat.
Traumatic Herniation Of Buccal Fat Pad In A 4 Year Old Boy: A Case Repot.
Herniation of the buccal fat pad into the oral cavity: a case report.
Various literature have supported buccal fat pad as a reconstructive option for post fibrotomy reconstruction due to its easy harvesting nature and esthetic purpose.
A prospective study was conducted on patients with oral defects covered by Buccal fat pad between July 2008 and January 2016 in department of oral and maxillofacial surgery of Khyber College of Dentistry Peshawar.
In rare cases, these tumors develop in other head and neck mucosal sites, such as the buccal fat pad.
This was a retrospective study done on 23 patients in which a double layered technique, consisting of buccal fat pad in conjunction with buccal advancement flap was used for surgical closure of oroantral fistulae.
Various materials like skin graft collagen membrane, single layer of fresh amnion, buccal fat pad graft, tongue flap, palatal falp and forearm free flaps were used to repair resultant defect.
Buccal fat pad can be used for OAF repair due to its proximity to recipient site14 Tongue flaps created from dorsal, ventral or lateral aspects are also used for OAF repair8 A variety of grafts, including auto-genous bone, allogenous materials, xenografts and synthetic materials have been used with a varying success8, 15, 16,17 under general anesthesia with buccal advancement flap procedure were included in the study.
The buccal fat pad (BFP) is a supple and lobulated mass, easily accessible and mobilized.