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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for SAUDI ARABIA.


1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is the code used in international transactions to and from Saudi bank accounts.

2. ISO 3166-2 geocode for Saudi Arabia. This is used as an international standard for shipping to Saudi Arabia. Each Saudi province has its own code with the prefix "SA." For example, the code for the Province of Riyadh is ISO 3166-2:SA-01.

3. An abbreviation for a number of corporate structures, including Sociedad Anonima (Spanish) and Societe Anonyme (French).
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Hitler and his brownshirts needed to wait only a few years for conditions to deteriorate before they could seize power.
In this view, Bolshevism and fascism were twins; Red Guards and Brownshirts a mirror image of each other.
On a perpetual audition for love and validation, she waits for her big break with puppylike hope, undaunted by the creepy Weimar ambiance of brownshirts, the sausage-fed lady orchestra, and Joel Grey in drag.
On April 8 Dostum's local brownshirts, the Jumbish Youth, rioted and ran the governor out of town.
In a chilling moment an angelic Aryan boy sings Tomorrow Belongs To Me, joined by a gang of brownshirts.
The principal weapon of the Gestapo was never to be force, for that would be supplied by the Brownshirts -- it would be Fear," Walton-Kerr continued.
From the moment he joins up with Oswald Mosley's fascist brownshirts, strutting defiantly down the street, he finds his sense of male pride restored and we know tragedy is inevitably just a heartbeat away.
His father was an active member in the Brownshirts before he became a Nazi official during the war.
Many had fought in the streets of Berlin and Munich against Noske's Free Corps and Hitler's Brownshirts, or against Oswald Mosley's British Fascists when they tried to invade London's East End.
The thousands of Jewish businesses damaged by Nazi Brownshirts in the 1938 pogrom known as Kristallnacht were never repaid either, said attorney Edward Fagan, whose firm is bringing the case on a pro bono basis.
The Kroll Opera House (the Reichstag building having been burned down by the Communists, according to Goebbels) was packed inside with SS and SA men and outside were crowds of Brownshirts shouting threats of what they would do if the Bill was not passed.
Not since pre-war Germany, with the violence of the state-sponsored brownshirts and the fledgling SS, has the country witnessed such a level of attacks on minorities.