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Through this competition, the contracting authority wishes to conclude an agreement for the supply of white and brown goods, for product groups specified in the attached price form.
They are ideally suited for loads comprising bulky but relatively lightweight pallets such as white and brown goods and many food products.
Air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other domestic appliances fall in the white goods' category, while microwaves, chimneys, fans, irons, juicers, mixers and grinders fall in the category of brown goods.
The new store will create employment as well as providing the choice offered in a large supermarket, with white and brown goods as well as food and a restaurant.
A The hosted version of eGain KnowledgeAgent for a select number of Argos agents in their brown goods after sales department, will help it to resolve customer queries in it entire range of product and services offered, including special help for high value electronic goods.
The Singapore-based power products firm makes a range of plugs for several sectors, from computer and office gear to white and brown goods.
He said a similar scheme for brown goods, like consumer electronics, could have the same effect.
The company, based on the Wentloog Corporate Park in Cardiff, was established in 1996 to initially service the requirements of a sister company working in the stringent Japanese Brown Goods sector.
No further details were announced but it is understood that the Unit 7 store at Teesside Park selling brown goods (such as TVs) was on the hit list.
Among areas of particular strength this Christmas are thought to be clothing and white and brown goods (such as kitchen equipment and electronics), especially digital products and household goods, said fund manager Gerrard.
The hypermarkets will not contain concessions or sell clothes, white or brown goods, but will include kitchen, DIY and entertainment categories, in what Criado-Perez called a "futuristic view of what the format can do".
Similar changes had taken place in both the white and brown goods retailing sectors without any dramatic cuts in prices.