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In other words, having been promised their own version of Canaan by the brown bag chief and his ambassadors, and having partaken in the sharing of same, these people want to fool other Coastalians that once in power, they will share more of the spoils with them than ODM.
Rocking a brown coat and brown bag to match, the sister of Jinkee enjoyed the beauty of Grand Central Terminal and Central Park.
Caption: The breakfast egg sandwich from Michelle's Brown Bag Cafe.
Actually, it's the Big Brown Bag, the Medium Brown Bag and the Little Brown Bag.
The Best Practices Brown Bag sessions were inspired by a common series of problems that faculty often share.
The popular veteran group will display its mastery of jazz and blues from the 1920s and '30s at noon April 8 in a performance as part of the Brown Bag Concert spring series at Mechanics Hall, 321 Main St., Worcester.
the brown bag and take out my cheese Danish And bite into it then
As vice president, Long took the lead in the conception and planning of several events - Brown Bag Drag, and the Bobbi Lancaster lecture.
Norman O'Brien, Beavers instituted the squadron's "Brown Bag Leadership" program.
Human contact is not required as the waiter leaves the brown bag on the doorknob.
Central Washington SCORE is offering Brown Bag Workshops at noon on the second and fourth Wednesdays in the conference room on the third floor of Columbia Station, 300 S.
Jacket, pounds 15, Internacionale; scarf I've had for ages; skirt, about $20 in New York; brown boots, pounds 35, Parisia; necklace, my mum bought it for me; brown bag, pounds 20, TKMaxx.