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1. An announcer on radio or television.

2. An advertiser on radio or television.

3. The owner of a radio or television station.
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The Broadcasters Foundation is a safety net in an emergency," said Broadcasters Foundation Chairman Dan Mason.
Add to that a 30-minute radio broadcast live on the Linder Farm Network during lunch with a farm broadcaster as MC and you have a winner.
We are honored to partner again with these TV and FM broadcasters and appreciate their ongoing commitment to the building.
This latest FCC vote might now eliminate the restrictions of any one broadcaster from owning more than eight radio stations in larger markets and five in smaller markets.
Broadcasters may also be able to use a loophole in the original deal to push it back themselves.
Analog terrestrial broadcasting has already used up much of the frequency spectrum available and some of it needs to be "moved" elsewhere before broadcasters start digitalizing.
What's less well-known--because the phenomenon is new--is just how much broadcasters have come to profit from democracy.
Moreover, the bill exempts religious broadcasters from requirements concerning proof of educational programming.
2 percent of the programs broadcasters were counting as educational were judged to have little or no educational value.
The broadcasters will pay nothing for the exclusive right to use the public airwaves, even though the FCC itself estimated the value of the digital licenses to be worth $20 billion to $70 billion.

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