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1. An announcer on radio or television.

2. An advertiser on radio or television.

3. The owner of a radio or television station.
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Another major promotion this year is the Linder Farm Network "Farm Broadcaster for a Day" on the scene broadcasts.
In spite of this success story, for every Radio One in our community, there are many smaller broadcasters forced to sell stations or go out of business entirely.
For a number of policy reasons--the perceived benefit to the public, a purportedly more efficient use of the spectrum, higher-quality broadcasts--Congress has required television broadcasters to move from analog to digital transmissions.
With an infrastructure to hold broadcasters accountable finally in place, it's easy to see why children's advocates finally felt comfortable enough to declare victory.
The broadcasters' capture of the public airwaves - a vital public resource - by the broadcasters makes a mockery of democracy.
They fear that Powell's biennial review this year will recommend even further relaxation of ownership rules limiting the number of stations that can be owned by any one broadcaster.
Our broadcaster friends are the most powerful I know of.
What Dunifer and other micro broadcasters are doing, says FCC attorney David Silberman, amounts to "anarchy of the airwaves.
Repeal all existing rules that stop broadcasters from building or buying cable, or cable from entering broadcast, telephone from entering either, or any of the above from going into print or other media.

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