British Standards Institution

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British Standards Institution (BSI)

an organization which produces national standards for products and processes at the request of particular industries. The BSI generally seeks to produce national standards which are consistent with the international standards established by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). In designing products and processes firms must generally meet the QUALITY, performance and safety standards laid down by the BSI if their products are to be acceptable to consumers. Products which meet these specifications are entitled to bear the BSI's ‘kite’ mark. See BS5750.
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In line with the defined action plan, the chamber was issued this certificate by the distinguished certifying body, British standards institution (BSI) of London.
In fact, the CE mark and the Kitemark are different product marks, although the British Standards Institution (BSI) Product Services department in Hemel Hempstead can test and certify products for both these marks.
Heading up the committee will be the British Standards Institution (BSI).
They are a response to customer complaints about bills which are difficult to understand, according to the British Standards Institution.
CAR mechanics have been given the chance to prove they're not rip-off merchants by earning a British Standards Institution Kitemark.
The British Standards Institution and Lloyds TSB are the occupying tenants on three separate leases ata total gross passing rent of pounds 627,050 per annum.
the database includes standards from such organizations as British Standards Institution, ASTM International, European Committee for Standardization, Japanese Standards Association, and the International Organization for Standardization.
Primarc UV Technology is one of the first specialist UV curing lamp manufacturers to achieve the quality management standard EN ISO 9001:2000, through the British Standards Institution.
The other lay canons are Chester College principal professor Timothy Wheeler, Bishops High School governor David Blackmore, and Stephen Marriott, a previous director of the British Standards Institution who now works as the diocesan secretary.
I have the patents, medical licence and British Standards Institution CE approval.
The agency has been given the coveted British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO 14001 award, which is considered globally to be the benchmark of environmental excellence.
The British Standards Institution has just produced a new kit of standards on software process assessment and quality.

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