British Standards Institution

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British Standards Institution (BSI)

an organization which produces national standards for products and processes at the request of particular industries. The BSI generally seeks to produce national standards which are consistent with the international standards established by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). In designing products and processes firms must generally meet the QUALITY, performance and safety standards laid down by the BSI if their products are to be acceptable to consumers. Products which meet these specifications are entitled to bear the BSI's ‘kite’ mark. See BS5750.
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[34.] BS EN 1008: 2002, Mixing Water for Concrete-Specification for Sampling, Testing, and Assessing the Suitability of Water, Including Water Recovered From Processes in the Concrete Industry, as Mixing Water for Concrete, British Standards Institution, London.
BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution, operates in 150 countries, providing production standards and related services to corporations all over the world.
On July 8, the BSI (British Standards Institution) presented BSI PAS 2050:2008 carbon-footprint certifications to products made by the G-Fun Enterprise Co., Taiwan's leading manufacturer of functional textiles.
The British standards institution, BSI, has launched a new standard to streamline food safety systems between food manufacturers and the packaging they use for their products.
The British Standards Institution (BSI) , one of the world's largest independent certifiers of management systems, has confirmed that ADFCA is the first food control authority at the global level to commit itself to implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) comprising six systems of international standards, making the authority a global pioneer in the area.
Independent vehicle incident management and roadside assistance company FMG Support has achieved another major business accreditation from the British Standards Institution by successfully completing ISO 14001 certification.
Awarded by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the mark means that the housing company has demonstrated that it has a system for monitoring, managing and reducing its impact on the local environment.
The certificate was awarded by the British Standards Institution.
set out by the British Standards Institution (B.S.I), a Boubyan official said
The Chamber was issued this certificate by the distinguished certifying body, British Standards Institution (BSI) of London.
That's why I'm backing a British Standards Institution kitemark accreditation for UK bodyshops.
Increasing use of by-products, such as FA (British Standards Institution 1993 and 1985; Concrete Society 1991; Guemandi et al.

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