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A municipal utility district, which is a political subdivision that administers utility-related services, sometimes requiring the issue of special assessment bonds.


A Dutch unit of volume equivalent to 100 liters. It was adopted in 1817, soon after the establishment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
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The pack also features scores of Olympians past and present, and the cards enable you to trump your opponents across a range of Olympic themes from British Legends to Paralympic Heroes.
THEY may be close to picking up their pensions but British legends Uriah Heep are still rocking hard.
Our eight-page special takes in British legends such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Elton John and Sting.
Gene Vincent was an idol for many future rock 'n' roll stars; Billy Fury struts his stuff on stage; Eddie Cochran at the 1960 NME Poll Winners Concert, Wembley; British legends Lonnie Donegan; and, left, Cliff Richard; Shane Fenton, born Bernard Jewry, and later to become Alvin Stardust; Bill Haley and the Comets; Sister Rosetta Tharpe was supported by George Melly on her 1957 tour
He joins the pantheon of British legends to win on home soil comprising Sir Stirling Moss, Peter Collins, Jim Clark, Sir Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, John Watson, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert and David Coulthard.
No, Baddeley's baggage is more psychological as he tries to live with the legacy of the British legends who used to dominate middle distance running.
Both British legends were great Ryder Cup players in better-ball games but Lyle, in particular, has been so lacking in success at any level for so long that it is hard to know how he will cope if they were to hit the front on Sunday.
British Legends of R 'n' B (Long John Baldry, Ray Dorset), Newcastle City Hall - (0191) 232-0007.

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