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Home Office

1. A place in one's residence in which one primarily performs tasks associated with self-employment or with one's job for an employer. For example, one may use the second bedroom in one's house as a home office, keeping one's desk, computer, files and so forth there. A home office may be eligible for a home office deduction if the space is used exclusively for business purposes.

2. A department of the British government responsible for immigration, police, and other matters related to law enforcement. At various times throughout its history, it has overseen other issues, such as adoption, fire services, and worker's compensation. It was established in 1782.

home office

An area of one's residence used for office purposes.Home offices may be eligible for tax benefits—see home office tax deduction. Some states allow real estate brokers to maintain their principal office in their homes under certain circumstances.

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When the people in the Coast Province of Kenya took refuge in a Catholic mission, the British Home Office spoke in terms of the people having found a safe haven.
It added that the British Home Office was now willing to release the letter, and State concurred.
Shiblak's case demonstrates that it is a travesty to rely on a body like the British Home Office to make such decisions with the aid of a panel that holds hearings behind closed doors, without requiring evidence that is subjected to examination and cross-examination.
A British Home Office spokesman declined to comment on the specifics of the case yesterday.
A British Home Office report on whether toallow pubs to stay open late during the tournament said there was a "high prob"ability" Roy Hodgson's boys will not be "playing in later matches".
The British Home Office said it only removes people who face no risk of torture, but Freedom From Torture Freedom and Human Rights Watch both argue that the government has severely underestimated this possibility when it comes to returned Pakistanis, many of them have been routinely arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).
ISLAMABAD, 11 June, 2009 (Frontier Star) Following the withdrawal of deportation notice by the British Home Office, the detained Pakistan student Tariq-ur-Rehman arrived in Islamabad at Benazir Bhutto International Airport on Thursday.
The British Home office said that it had not yet received a visa request from Moussawi and considers such cases on an individual basis.
On Tuesday the British Home Office told Wilders he would not be allowed into the country, because he posed a "genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society".
He faces charges of manslaughter, illegal entry into the UK in breach of a British Home Office deportation order and breaching a sex offender's prevention order.
One of those the group said it wants freed, according to the Al Jazeera report, is Abu Qatada, a radical Palestinian-Jordanian cleric and alleged al-Qaida figure who last February lost an appeal against a British Home Office move to deport him to Jordan.

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