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Home Office

1. A place in one's residence in which one primarily performs tasks associated with self-employment or with one's job for an employer. For example, one may use the second bedroom in one's house as a home office, keeping one's desk, computer, files and so forth there. A home office may be eligible for a home office deduction if the space is used exclusively for business purposes.

2. A department of the British government responsible for immigration, police, and other matters related to law enforcement. At various times throughout its history, it has overseen other issues, such as adoption, fire services, and worker's compensation. It was established in 1782.
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home office

An area of one's residence used for office purposes.Home offices may be eligible for tax benefits—see home office tax deduction. Some states allow real estate brokers to maintain their principal office in their homes under certain circumstances.

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When the people in the Coast Province of Kenya took refuge in a Catholic mission, the British Home Office spoke in terms of the people having found a safe haven.
It explained in a motion to the court that it had learned only a few days before that Weatherhead had received correspondence from a British consul in Seattle in 1994 that disclosed "much of the substance of the letter." It added that the British Home Office was now willing to release the letter, and State concurred.
But, he submitted it to the British Home Office. What does it mean?
A British Home Office minister signed a surrender warrant on Friday that cleared the US Marshals Service to bring Entwistle back to Massachusetts.
This book is an expansion of the British Home Office's 2000 evaluation of the Kainos faith-based system, currently operating in three prisons in England and Wales.
A British Home Office study leaked recently to The Times of London found British Muslims show "strong opposition to terrorism and loyalty to Britain," but are anguished by "a perception of 'double standards' in British foreign policy, where democracy is preached but oppression ...
British Home Office chiefs said their Malaga consulate had been told by Spanish authorities that no Britons had been arrested.
Having received the notice, the minister defended his remarks that Tarique had returned his and his family members' passports to Bangladesh High Commission in London through the British Home Office. He presented before the press at his Dhaka residence some documents to substantiate his claim.
The British Home Office updated its "Proscribed Terrorist Organisations" list by adding notorious terror groups Saraya Al Ashtar (Al Ashtar Brigades) and Saraya Al Mukhtar (Al Mukhtar Brigades).
But this month the British Home Office provided [euro]119,000 for another six months.
According to statement a spokesperson for the British Home Office said on 3 November: "The Government has been considering whether we pilot a bond scheme that would deter people from overstaying the visa.
| LONDON, Feb 8 (KUNA) -- A British Home Office minister is to fly to Jordan to try to gain assurances that would enable radical cleric Abu Qatada to stand trial in the country, it was officially announced Wednesday.

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