British Bankers Association

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British Bankers Association (BBA)

An association of banks and financial institutions operating in the U.K. The BBA calculates and publishes LIBOR rates.

British Bankers Association

A professional association of banks and financial service firms. With over 200 members in dozens of countries, the BBA is one of the leading organizations in its field. It is responsible for working with European government organizations on improvements for banking regulations, in addition to setting a banking code and small business code. Importantly, the BBA is responsible for setting the LIBOR every day.
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A full investigation has been launched and a reward of up to PS25,000 may be paid by the British Banking Association to any member of the public who provides information.
According to the British Banking Association (BBA), mortgage borrowing in the UK increased in the quarter.
SECURING a banK loan is easier than many businesses thinK, says a campaign launched today by the British BanKing Association (BBA).
A STATEMENT on behalf of the British Banking Association Intelligence Group spoke of the impact the gas bomb attacks had on the industry and the danger that members of the public were exposed to.
Also data released by the British Banking Association on Monday showed net mortgage borrowing increased by just 0.
EMAIL TRAIL EXPOSED FIDDLE The FSA report details numerous messages between Barclays traders and the bank's "submitters" who were meant to send accurate information about interest rates to the British Banking Association.
One in six 18-25-year-olds would authorise a money transfer into a bogus account if they received a message saying there had been a security breach, compared to just one in 14 over-55s, according to the British Banking Association.
Angela Knight is to quit the British Banking Association as chief executive.
Mr Lewis said APACs would talk to the Bank of England and the British Banking Association about putting together such a centre.
A spokesman for the British Banking Association dismissed the pounds 5 billion overcharging allegation as "absolute nonsense".
No one from the British Banking Association was available for comment yesterday but previously banks have insisted there is no need for change.
And the British Banking Association published data that showed mortgage lending by the major banks picked up in December after slowing down the previous month.

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