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In autocracies, corruption may be less inefficient in the sense that the bribe taker--the dictator--can efficiently deliver public goods to the briber.
Letting the Briber Go Free: An Experiment on Mitigating Harassment Bribes.
In contractual litigation, the claimant may be entitled to recover all sums paid pursuant to the contract (gross revenue) or revenues after the deduction of the value of expenses and counter performance incurred by the briber (net revenue).
Thus, in one scenario, the putative briber, a company chief executive officer (CEO) named Reeves, wants the putative bribee, a state legislator named Smith, to vote against legislation that would hurt Reeves' firm.
A victim of extortion, unlike a true briber, is paying for a fair shake.
The council also approved decision of the attorney general to leave up immunity on a member of the public prosecution to allow prosecution to investigate with him in charge of briber.
One such thinker, Martin Briber, actually wrote a major study of the New Testament arguing that Christianity's rejection of the Hebrew Bible as a source for Christianity is rooted in the writings of the apostle Paul himself.
We must now take into account the probability that the briber may
Briber and boodler and grafter are often "good men," judged by the old tests, and would have passed for virtuous in the American community of 70 years ago.
It has recommended detailed reforms including a requirement for police to "define a foreign official's status according to the law in his or her own country before pursuing a Portuguese briber.
Once you down that route, the briber has got you and you're open to be blackmailed for the rest of your time in the game.
Dana Rohrabacher defended his old friend, admitted lobbyist and briber Jack Abramoff: ``They're portraying Jack as a monster.