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16 percent, whereas the 10-year TIPS breakeven rate rose by 27 basis points to 1.
For example, the 10-year TIPS breakeven rate rose by 0.
High quality, low cost inventory capable of achieving a 25% breakeven rate of return at below current market crude oil prices (West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark)
40 a barrel, less than the breakeven rate of $75 a barrel estimated in the 2014-2015 budget, according to Kuwait Petroleum Corp.
The 10-year breakeven rate, which measures the difference between the yield on conventional 10-year French government bonds and that on comparable inflation-linked bonds, rose to 2.
We have been able to run these videoconferences at a breakeven rate or even a modest profit with a charge to members of around AU $70-$80 (or US$35-$40).
As of March 16, the 10-year TIPS breakeven rate is 1.
Another problem with the breakeven rate is that because it is the difference between two different bonds, differences in those bonds can distort the measured expected inflation rate, be they tax differences or changes in liquidity.
The charters will commence on delivery, in October and November of this year, and the fixed rate is more than twice the vessels anticipated all-in breakeven rate.
After a small decline in the second half of March, the five-year breakeven rate is at 2.
This rather complicated procedure has some advantages over the simpler and more common measure of inflation expectations that comes from the financial markets, the breakeven rate.
Since the breakeven rate is the difference between the nominal and inflation-indexed (real) yields, a positive liquidity premium in the latter may underestimate inflation expectations.