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The smartphone will most likely run Android 7.1 Nougat and is tipped to be priced at 2,699 Brazilian Reals (approximately Rs 54,000) including the projector MotoMod.Lenovo has confirmed that the Moto Z2 Play will offer a smaller 3000mAh battery as opposed to 3510mAh battery found on original Z Play.
Leonardo Meirelles told the Chamber of Deputies' Ethics Committee on Thursday that he converted the dollars into Brazilian reals and turned the money over to his partner, who told him it was for Eduardo Cunha.
The cheapest sports event tickets will be 40 Brazilian reals (about 13 US dollars) and the most expensive 1,200 Brazilian reais.
The company intends to sell debt denominated in Brazilian reals on global markets, depending on market conditions, the daily reported.
The acquisition was accomplished in a series of transactions totaling tens of millions Brazilian reals (BRL).
The fund, with up to 400 million Brazilian reals ($227 million), will invest in Brazilian companies with plans to expand international operations, the newspaper said, quoting Juan Carlos Felix, Carlyle's director for South America operations.
2 airline and its shareholders said they would sell at least 51.8 million shares through the Brazilian Stock Exchange, or BMFBovespa, which would raise 963.9 million Brazilian reals (USD 535 million) based on GOL's closing price Tuesday of BRL18.60.
State-run Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM) has secured a USD250m loan by issuing a two-year bond in Brazilian reals and converting it into dollars on the swap market, Reuters has reported.
For investors who hold their shares in Brazilian reals or Colombian pesos, that's an extra double-digit gain on top of roaring stock markets, largely driven by massive amounts of raw materials exporting, rising foreign trade, and domestic economic health.
The currency is Brazilian Reals, and there are currently around five Reals to the pounds .
Its contribution to the investment will be 500 million Brazilian reals. Tractabel won this concession on the Estreito project following an auction on July 12, 2002, at the stock market in Rio de Janeiro.

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