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Anything that distinguishes a company's product from other, similar products. Examples of brands include logos, catchphrases, or symbols. Brands make a product more recognizable and therefore are likely to attract customers and customer loyalty. There is often a sense among consumers that brand products are somehow better than off-brand or generic products; as a result, brand products are usually more expensive.
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a distinctive name, term, sign, symbol or design used to identify a firm's product and to distinguish it from similar products offered by competitors. A brand may be given legal protection through the use of TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHT. See BRANDING.
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the name, term or symbol given to a product by a supplier in order to distinguish his offering from that of similar products supplied by competitors. Brand names are used as a focal point of PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION between suppliers.

In most countries, brand names and trade marks are required to be registered with a central authority so as to ensure that they are uniquely applied to a single, specific product. This makes it easier for consumers to identify the product when making a purchase and also protects suppliers against unscrupulous imitators. See INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, BRAND TRANSFERENCE.

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A Millward Brown tracking survey has shown increased brand awareness, ad awareness, and improved brand imagery. Nielsen sales data has shown that base sales have increased in the markets where the ad was run, as well as an increase from before the introduction of the campaign.
Codaco's winning card has been to secure a very broad distribution of an unusually wide assortment of tea products, with a distinctive upscale brand imagery and better than average quality and consistency.
These findings suggest that tobacco packaging, through its use of refined brand imagery, may function as a prime that evokes imagery and connotations individuals have seen previously, and predisposes favorable perceptions and behaviors.
The facility covers 7,820 sq.m and is scheduled to be completed by February 2020, showcasing Hyundai's Modern Premium Brand Imagery.
A new digital-printing option for polylaminate capsules can produce multiple-color logos or brand imagery. The American Canyon, Calif.-based supplier is also now offering a polylaminate capsule in the new shade of "Luna White" that can be further customized with embossing or hot stamping.
Deep Eddy continues to ride the fun brand imagery and feel, Pechman says.
To grow and rejuvenate its domestic brand, AGP has made some major investments like refurbishing of its showroom in Al Satwa (Sharjah) as Oasis Colour Lounge, which has been completely rebranded with Oasis brand imagery to increase the overall retail experience.
All these are designed with bold colors and brand imagery so they are both visually arresting and effectively call attention to our key selling points -- that we're USDA certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.
In consumer circles, emojis, stickers, and filters give users the ability to deliver much more expressive and personalised communication, and marketers even more platforms on which to build brand imagery. Business users are enjoying more professional services as part of evolving messaging platform ecosystems; WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Line offer businesses the opportunity to increase customer engagement, improve customer service and support e-commerce -- all within a single platform.
Years ago, store brand imagery felt basic and straightforward, Kohlhardt agrees.
"Consumers continue to spur the growth of TheraPearl organically because of the products' efficacy, ease of use and brand imagery," he says.
The sonic branding is intended to help the bank create distinct brand imagery and recall among various stakeholders.