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Hypothesis 2a: Metaphor advertising will increase consumers' brand extension evaluations under the condition of good fit brand extension and decrease consumers' brand extensions evaluations under the condition of poor fit brand extensions.
In a similar study in Taiwan it was found that using professional baseball teams as brand extensions could have an impact on the parent brand's image (Walsh, Chien, & Ross, 2012).
Leveraging brand equity through brand extensions is a strategic option for a firm looking to grow.
In the same line of thought, one can achieve a reduction in risk perception by consumers (KELLER, AAKER, 1992; MARTINEZ, PINA, 2005; KELLER, MACHADO, 2006; NEERAKKAL, 2011) and an increase in promotional efficiency (SULLIVAN, 1992; SMITH, 1992; SMITH, PARK, 1992), and other types of association regarding brand extensions done properly, which generate favorable perceptions of the credibility of the company that owns the extension (KELLER, AAKER, 1992; MARTINEZ, PINA, 2005).
During the past 10 years, net new brand extensions yielded average year-one sales that were 70% higher versus brand extensions.
Brand extensions that represent significant new products in new product categories can do just that.
If the parent brand is already associated with multiple products through brand extensions, then it is known as a 'family brand'.
New brand extensions are often tested in an abstract setting (e.
Brand extension is just like expanding your family.
In aggregate level analysis, the data of all individual brand extensions were grouped in SPSS and regressed to get combined result of all brand extension for individual variables.
Thankfully (one suspects even for fans), the [pounds sterling]3 Very Peculiar Milk Chocolate Bar is limited edition (it's part of the brand's festive gifting range), but it is indicative of the increasingly daring brand extensions hitting supermarket shelves at the moment.
Pet products, home furnishings and coffee were among the best nonprofit brand extensions last year, according a recent survey.