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com)-- Biometric Advertising (BA) - developers of custom tailored biometric and facial recognition software systems for advertisers and brand managers announced today that they were chosen by Advertising Week (AWE 2013) organizers to present their flagship product: BrandResponse.
The programme selects 30 student brand managers each year for a six-month period.
SoJoLife enables brand managers to engage with customers on multiple levels for a single promotional spend.
Instead of being challenged by the constant need for innovation and creativity, being weighed down with administrative duties is the chief obstacle lacing today's brand managers, a survey carried out by Sun Brand Technologies has found.
But with blogs now numbering in the millions, corporate brand managers have to be worried.
Gibson: I believe most brand managers play a lead role in managing each of these areas.
Along with the explanations of digital branding and the steps to becoming a firebrand, the book covers the role of brand managers and the changes they must make regarding the new business model.
based marketing brand managers intend to increase their budgets in 2012, and they are planning to develop even more innovative marketing and operating plans to capitalize on the optimistic environment for real growth and ROI.
The study gauged the marketing communications preferences of 21 brand managers, based on both phone and email interviews with a targeted group.
Household products firm ACDOCO is reinforcing its marketing department with the appointment of two new brand managers, Claire Edwards and Joanne Kain.
Moontoast Analytics suite is designed to help brand managers shape their social commerce offers as strategic campaigns to reach various distributed sites for maximum engagement and exposure to the brand's consumers.
New Brand Managers for Chevy S-10 Pickup, Corvette and Camaro