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With the closing of the branch post office at Blaydon, it was left with one post box.
According to research from Khalid Ali Omeira, a board member of EPA, Dubai's recorded postal history begins on August 19, 1909, when an Indian Branch Post Office was opened.
The EU has not issued a diktat for these successive rounds of branch post office closures, which started under the last Conservative government - long before EU-wide postal reform rules took effect.
The first is the Whoberley branch post office, one mile away from Winsford Avenue and the Lime Tree Park branch, just over a mile away.
Branch Post Office, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 859-0662 Holds monthly tax resistance seminars, provides counseling.
Sedalia, the largest, has about 75 residents and the area's only branch post office.
It follows the decision to close Longhorsley branch post office and replace it with a service in the village store.
The trust, which owns most commercial premises in the area, warned that by closing the branch Post Office Ltd would ruin trust regeneration achievements.
SIR - Your readers might not be fully aware of the mandate from the Labour Government to the Post Office to close all sub-post offices that are within a mile of a main branch post office in urban areas.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Basic Infrastructural Equipments To Branch Post Office In Bihar Circle