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Buy the book

An order typically from a large institutional investor to a broker to purchase all the shares available at the market from the specialist and other brokers and dealers at the current offer price. The book refers to the record a specialist kept before the advent of computers.
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Buy the Book

An order to a broker to buy all shares of a security available at the current offer price, whether from one specialist or from everyone willing to sell. Large institutional investors usually make this order. The term comes from record books specialists kept before they began to use computers.
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buy the book

An order to purchase all of a security offered at the current ask price. The purchase is made from the specialist, dealers, and other holders willing to sell at the specified price.
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He bought the books he thought she would like best and wrote her name in them; he got the little feminine knick-knacks of basket and thimble.
"In essence, I bought the book precisely to spite Trump.
WELSH ACTRESS JOANNA PAGE, 34 1 I bought the book Kate Moss: Style for pounds 20.
The National Trust bought the book from the Legh family for pounds 465.000.
Facing a cross-country flight the other day, I bought the book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.
While I bought the book but still haven't read it, I've read umpteen reviews by numerous critics -- both friendly and unfriendly to Buchanan.
There was a happy ending, however: No one bought the book.)
Mrs Geraldine Morgan who bought the book for a few pence thought Coventry people might be interested in seeing the photos of these Coventry folk - maybe they will bring back memories for someone.
Mr Holland, of Far Gosford Street, bought the books and shelving for pounds 10,000 from liquidators Cooper Parry, after publisher Minerva Press went out of business.
THE PROBLEM WITH ALL THIS VIRTUOUS self-improvement, unfortunately, is that lots of us have bought the books, made the resolutions, and then proceeded to fall flat on our faces--again and again and again.