bottom feeder

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Bottom Fishing

An investment strategy in which one buys high-risk stocks in companies that have recently dropped dramatically in price. The investor buys the stock in the belief that the drop is due to panic selling, rather than a serious fault in the company, and that the company will recover. The number of bottom fishers may increase in a prolonged bear market. See also: Distressed securities.

bottom feeder

A derogatory term for someone who buys distressed properties; one who profits from the misfortunes or poor management of others.

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Merely in his first season, Reid was able to transform the franchise from a bottom-feeder to an actual playoff contender.
American taxpayers deserve honest answers from Senator Schumer regarding his historical involvement with the Center for Responsible Lending -- a group that is well-documented to be funded by trial lawyers, bottom-feeder investors, and a credit union that happens to be a direct competitor of IndyMac's.
Pepperdine can score 30 runs one week to beat nationally ranked Tulane, then come back six days later and lose 1-0 to Division I bottom-feeder Hawaii-Hilo.
After a 5-2 road trip to Florida and Atlanta that could have served as a turning point, the Dodgers have dropped two in a row to division bottom-feeder Colorado.
The turnaround never happened as rivals Green Bay Packers and Vikings went on good runs to come out as division contenders while the Bears became the bottom-feeders.
A great white shark in an ocean of bottom-feeders, his rousing pleas for Scotland to remain part of the UK was the stuff of a man driven by a great hurt, a passion for the hardships of ordinary people.
We have our bottom-feeders - obese doves that linger underneath the feeders to gather the fallout.
While Bees have a game in hand they must also face Worcester and Bedford, whereas Mose go on to play fellow bottom-feeders Plymouth, Rotherham and Esher in a run of games that could help them gain a couple more points to carry into the play-offs.
For the bottom-feeders and minnow munchers common in so many northern natural lakes, there's a mix of walleye sizes, with small fish more common since they're more abundant.
They have shown just as much aptitude for beating the NBA's elite as losing to its bottom-feeders, the latest example coming Saturday against the Hornets.
There, they are eaten by crabs and other small creatures, which in turn feed walruses and other bottom-feeders.
Secondly, it makes sense that all those bottom-feeders we ship abroad each year - like the Liscard gent who was this week fined in Zante for running through Laganas with his pants round his ankles - will stay here instead.