Boston Stock Exchange

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Boston Stock Exchange

A small, regional stock exchange in the United States. It was established in 1834 and is currently owned by NASDAQ.

Boston Stock Exchange (BSE)

A securities exchange that makes markets in over 2,000 of the most active U.S. stocks in competition with other exchanges and approximately 125 securities that are traded only on the BSE or jointly on another exchange. The BSE was founded in 1834.
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The Boston Stock Exchange expects the demutualization to be complete in 2007.
We are pleased that the Boston Stock Exchange experienced a successful implementation and will immediately begin to benefit from improved efficiencies.
Similarly, the notice from The Boston Stock Exchange indicated that the Company's common stock is subject to delisting from The Boston Stock Exchange.
BeX offers a choice for executing equities in a Reg NMS world that continues with our hallmark of focusing on the client - not the shareholder - in a way that cannot be done by the primary markets," said Mike Curran, Chairman and CEO of the Boston Stock Exchange.
State Street's common stock will continue to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, its principal listing exchange, and on the Boston Stock Exchange, and will also continue to trade on an unlisted trading privilege basis on NYSE Arca.
The Units trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol ASTIU, and on the Boston Stock Exchange under the symbol AKC/U; on August 10, 2006, the common stock and warrants will commence trading separately on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbols ASTI, ASTIW and ASTIZ, respectively, and on the Boston Stock Exchange under the symbols AKC, AKC&L and AKC&Z respectively.

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