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1. A unit investment trust in which the underlying asset is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That is, diamonds are shares in a closed-end index fund tracking the DJIA. It is traded on the American Stock Exchange. It operates much like an exchange-traded fund, but, like all unit investment trusts, it has an expiration date, while ETFs do not. Its ticker symbol is DIA.

2. A valuable commodity consisting of very hard gem stones used in jewelry and tools. Diamonds may be traded on any of a number of exchanges. See also: Blood diamonds.


Registered name for interest in a trust that holds all 30 stocks included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Ownership of a Diamond allows an investor to track the DJIA with a single investment. Diamonds are traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol DIA.
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The car was cut but not destroyed and was hidden at the Warhoops Junkyard for 30 years when it was discovered by Joe Bortz, founder of the Bortz Auto Collection.
Bortz invites us to consider that once you've lost 70% of your fitness, symptoms begin--shortness of breath, musculoskeletal frailty, etc.
At the gathering, Jones had several drinks, but none of the people with them noticed that either Jones or Bortz was particularly intoxicated.
Bortz notes that despite the increased clinical burdens his LTC residents experience, "our family continues to enjoy caring for the elderly.
The Houston-based companies and Bortz had denied her allegations.
After the use of both mechanisms, the sludge is then taken to the Shenandoah County Landfill, according to a preliminary engineering report by Peed and Bortz civil and environmental engineering firm.
N), run by industry veteran Jon Bortz, bought its first hotel, Doubletree Bethesda Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, for $67.
Through its work with Centerra Gold the EBRD has supported the development of the mining industry in the region and Centerra Gold's efforts in the Kyrgyz Republic, demonstrating mining's viability in the country to the international industrial community", said Kevin Bortz, EBRD Director for Natural Resources.
announces that Tim Bortz is its new director of business development.
The Bortz Health Care chain, based in Michigan--its Traverse City facility won our 2002 OPTIMA Award--has a similar history.
Bortz said cities can invest in public spaces such as parks located near development.