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At the end of the program, the MRC, the Borg Scale, the Muscle Test, MI and TCT had improved significantly, as we can see in Tables 6, 7, 8, (9a and 9b) and 10.
However Mahler et al (1996) provided a context for recalled breathlessness (ie, 'during activities such as walking') and a target intensity for exercise-induced breathlessness (ie, 'moderate intensity of uncomfortable awareness of breathing' approximating 3 on the Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion).
Test-retest reliability of the three tests was examined, using the following study measures: number of jumps and time to fatigue (for the jump tests); distance walked (for the 6MWT); physiological (heart rate, oxygen saturation) and breathlessness (modified Borg scale of perceived breathlessness, fifteen-count breathlessness score) for all tests.
You might find, for example, that walking on a flat surface used to feel like you were working at level 13 on the Borg scale, but now you have to walk up a mild hill to feel like you are working at level 13.
During each session, heart rates and oxygen consumption were measured and recorded, and subjects rated their perceived effort using the 6-20 Borg scale.