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Risk-enhancing factors favor initiation of statin therapy, even in patients at borderline risk (5%-7.5%).
These values were higher than the study conducted in India on 12 to 16 years old adolescents, where 6% participants were in borderline risk while 9.2% of the total participants were having a very high SDQ score19.
Adults should be categorized according to calculated risk of developing ASCVD: low risk (less than 5%), borderline risk (5% to less than 7.5%), intermediate risk (7.5% and higher to less than 20%), and high risk (20% and higher) (strong recommendation:
We can accelerate breast cancer screening for women with a high risk for the disease, and help people with borderline risk of heart disease to make decisions about whether to take statins or not.
I hope the O'Sullivan case represents a line in the sand and that players realise there is a borderline risk with some of the stuff they may be taking.
The significant move towards a winter World Cup followed a presentation to the task force by FIFA's medical chief who warned of a "highly critical risk" to players, officials and fans of playing between June and August, and a "borderline risk" in May and September.
In a recently published study, for example, women consuming regular coffee (3 or more cups daily) had a 34% lower risk of developing diabetes than those who drank less than one cup per day, while men had only a borderline risk reduction.
Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Milind Desai, MD, agrees that the CAC score is most effective in classifying patient risk among individuals who may have borderline risk factors.
Although positively correlated with disease, the addition of Lp-PLA2 "did not appreciably enhance risk prediction beyond the traditional risk factors." (7) This study concluded that "population screening for subclinical disease using Lp-PLA2 does not appear to be warranted." Presently, the most useful application of Lp-PLA2 testing is to adjust individual risk assessment for those patients found to be at borderline risk using traditional models.
The researchers found that babies fathered by male childhood cancer survivors had a borderline risk of low birth weight but no increased risk of pre-maturity, being small for gestational age, or having birth defects when compared to controls.
Patients in the highest risk group (greater than 1:30 risk in this study) undergo CVS, those in the lowest risk group (less than 1:1,500 risk) receive no further testing, and those in the borderline risk group (between 1:30 and 1:1,500 risk) undergo quad screening (serum alpha feto-protein, hCG, unconjugated estriol, and inhibin A) in the second trimester and receive a final risk assessment based on all the measures, with a risk cutoff for further testing of 1:270, Dr.
(13) observed in a study of 51 volunteers that when NCEP risk classifications were used, a single measurement was reliable for assigning a subject to the desirable category if the TC value was <4.78 mmol/L (<185 mg/dL), to the borderline risk category if the value was 5.56-5.81 mmol/L (215-225 mg/dL), and to the high-risk category if the value was >6.59 mmol/L (>255 mg/dL).
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