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Orocobre's operations include its Olaroz Lithium Facility in Northern Argentina, Borax Argentina, an established Argentine boron minerals and refined chemicals producer and a 34.7% interest in Advantage Lithium.
A 72-year-old patient with hypercalcemia and elevated parathyroid hormone levels normalized in about a month of borax therapy.
In respond to the Slime rumor on social media, the Public Health & Safety Department at Dubai Municipality warns parents from the "Slime" squishy toy at home, due to the use of dangerous chemicals and toxic solutions such as borax, washing powder, glue and colored materials in the preparation of this toy, which effects badly on health, especially children's.
[T.sub.6] = Three foliar sprays of 0.5% borax (1st at 4-5 leaves stage, 2nd and 3rd with one week interval)
Borax ([Na.sub.2][B.sub.4][O.sub.7]*Th[H.sub.2]O) and analytically pure citric acid monohydrate (CAM) were used as a retarder in this study.
So, another secondary input borax (B) has been typically applied in a manner to maintain the Si/X ratio, where X = Al or B, considering that both have three valence electrons.
Trees with basal dose of 250 gm each of zinc and boron in [T.sub.7] basal (250gm chelated zinc+ 250gm borax)has given better results than other basal treatments [T.sub.1](250gm chelated Zn) and [T.sub.3](250gm borax).
Seed priming with 0.01 M B solution of borax was better than other treatments in improving the germination and seedling growth.
Based in Bronx, NY, Borax is a distributor of food packaging, paper products, foodservice disposables, and janitorial and sanitary supplies serving Metro New York and the tri-state region.
The acquisition of Borax will provide both Borax and Imperial's customers with an expanded product offering and market leading customer service.
Add 1 tablespoon of borax and stir with the plastic spoon.
Key words: Triphenyl Borate, Borate, Borax, Exergy.