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The inset is the one daylight trail cam photo of Baby Booner we got in 12 days.
Since I was in the middle of lockdown, sitting in a tree while Baby Booner was running around out in the open somewhere was excruciating.
Joel Helmer, a whitetail expert who conducted a thorough county-by-county research of where big bucks have been taken and then mapped-out his findings, said that nearly any place that has a healthy whitetail herd has a chance of producing a Booner buck.
The fact you're finally in Iowa or Kansas doesn't mean a Booner is going to stroll by your stand.
We barely got set up behind a large boulder when a different buck showed up--Baby Booner, a spindly 5x5 with exceptional length throughout his rack.
It took the brothers two hours to find the Booner 400 yards from where it had been hit.
I estimated him to be a gross Booner and he would have been my biggest buck ever, but with Wild Thing walking around, I just couldn't do it.
After Craig led me to the Booner, I settled in anxiously.
My guess is there is just a tiny percentage of bowhunters who have more than one Booner on their wall.
Tomorrow we would revisit the place where I once arrowed a Booner caribou and called in a 65-inch bull moose.
As a typical, Bud would net 177 4/8 inches, and as a non-typical he would net 195 4/8 inches--a Booner either way you look at him
He was something, a sure Booner (B&C minimum is 110 inches, this buck was seven inches bigger) and for the time all I could do was sit and thank God for favors granted, making promises that would endure for months.